Education and training through online Tutorials

The matter of education in a company is often complicated, costly and expensive. You need training rooms, staff, making preparations and follow-up and that over and over again for the same training.

With our solutions, you not only save a lot of resources and thus a lot of money, you also give your employees the opportunity to learn in an environment of their choice. And all without losing control.

Knowledge at PJM Systems? Simple, safe and documented!

Instructional Solutions

In the past, most people expected to stay in the same workplace all their lives and retire from it. So they had all the time in the world to learn on the job. In today's modern workforce, employees often change jobs over the years. Proper training not only helps employees get up and running faster, but also generates self-confidence as tasks have to be mastered and at the same time you support the development of your employees.

We all know the importance of learning and staying up to date in order to have a competitive advantage. Here in PJM Systems although acknowledging the above truth we have observed that more often than not, a lot of man-hours are being lost because of overcomplicated software which frustrates the users and results in easily forgetting its core functions after a period of not using it. Building on our philosophy of hearing what you have to say which makes Software easily accessible and without requiring a steep learning curve, we provide our software users with a series of online tutorials tailored made to their needs. Through these Videos, the user has the advantage of learning very fast, with minimal cost at the time of his choosing. No more time and money consuming training sessions, which often result in even more questions. Imagine a tool that will help you organize all the repetitive but important tasks of your everyday business life. Gone are the days where you had to show everything to every new member of your business while risking that they will forget it after a while. Let us help you organize your business routine and be more cost-effective at the same time.

"Show your instructions in actions as much as you can" (Catherine McAuley)

Safety Protocols

In today’s highly regulated business world it is of utmost importance that the employees of every responsible business know and understand the risks of every aspect of their work. What do businesses do at the moment? They consume human and financial resources in order to train their employees while risking the possibility that the information will easily be forgotten, which can lead to problems or accidents involving high costs. But what is PJM Systems solution?

Here in PJM Systems, we believe that it is very important that the employees that are active in everyday repetitive tasks really understand the risks involved in order to do an effective job while at the same time you as a business owner have the ease of mind that you did everything possible to ensure that your employees are informed about every potential risk issue and this is officially documented. How is this possible?
We will provide you with software that takes into consideration the individual aspects of your business and provide you with a solution that will make repetitive and costly training sessions obsolete. Every employee new or already in your business will have the ability to use a series of videos and intuitive tools that will make sure that they fully understand what they must or must not do. In the end, they will be able to confirm that they have seen and understood the material providing you, the business owner, with the necessary legal formalities. In Addition, one can always go back and review the material that he forgot or did not understand at the time and place of his choosing. Simple? That is what we want to achieve for you…

"Your network is your net worth" (Porter Gale)


PJM Systems wants to make sure that you and your employees use our software in order to advance the effectiveness of your work. It is very often the case that the actual time of learning a software takes longer than the work itself. That is in our view a total failure and can lead to frustration, delays, and problems that are not relevant to the business itself. Our software is based on your needs and with a minimal learning curve but in case there are still questions or functions that are unclear, we thought of that too!

It is not unusual that after we buy software we have to invest many man-hours in order to understand how we can use it and when we eventually take a break from it we forget almost everything. In Addition, usually, there are only a few employees that are familiar with it and in case they leave the company or someone new comes in, you must again train them from the start. How does PJM Systems solve this problem?
First of all, the software that you will get from us will be individually made for you and your needs but in case you still have some problems, here is our solution: We will accompany our software with a series of training videos which will explain every important function in a simple and understandable manner. If you forget how something works you can always look back to our library of educational material at a time of your own choosing. We will guide through the whole process, starting from the installation and covering everything that you will ever use and that of course as many times as you need!
Of course we are always there to support you also through the traditional methods, either online or in person.

"One man's crappy software is another man's full time job" (Jessica Gaston)

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