We develop the right software for you, tailored to your needs, in a wide range of languages, such as C #, VBA, etc. Furthermore, the appropriate interfaces for your office applications, such as MS Word or MS Excel or we can create automated workflows as well. Here, for example, the automatic processing could an e-mail input in MS-Outlook.

Software development

You want to stand out from the competition and exploit your full potential in relation to your business model? With the development of individual software solutions, we can highlight your unique selling points and support your work processes. We rely on a mix of software languages with a distributed application architecture. Furthermore, we also provide various interfaces for office applications. This interface can also be used for workflows using the example in a mail input in MS-Outlook.

In the software world there are many different ways to reach the desired effect, the most traditional is through the development of Software using programming languages like C#, Java and VB. The advantages of using this approach are numerous and include a stable Software (be it on Windows, Linux, or MAC OS) that has full control of your desktop resources and other application (MS Office, Emails etc.), network and peripherals and does not require an internet connection all the time. PJM will help you find the best possible solution for your business through a combination of the most advanced technology with our common sense approach. The result will be a product that adjusts to your Workflow needs and not the other way round.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." (Steve Jobs)

Web application development

In today’s world where time and flexibility are of the essence in order for a modern business to thrive, you want to be able to access your work from everywhere. Taking this a step further wouldn’t be nice not to care about what device you have to use (PC, Tablet, Phone etc.) while at the same time having the latest version of your software with no need for time-consuming and costly updates? How is this possible? Read more to find out.

How is that possible?

The world is changing fast and with it the way we do business… The internet made modern companies mobile and, in the years, to come this will get even more relevant… Welcome to the future, the world of web based applications! Unlike traditional Software using a Web base App means that you have the freedom to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Say goodbye to the time consuming installation processes and the numerous updates. All you need to do is log in to your device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) using a modern web browser (chrome, safari, mozilla etc.) and you will automatically have the latest version of your software everywhere in the world regardless of the device that you are using. How is that possible? Simply because Web Apps are stored in a secure remote Server which gives the ability to take your work with you everywhere.
This is the future and PJM Systems true to its philosophy "Your Vision is our Mission" will understand exactly what you need in order to take your business to the next level and provide you with the appropriate solution.

"You want to select the right applications at the right time for your industry" (John T. Chambers)

Database development

What comes to mind when you think of a Database? The strict term is a repository of information that is locally or remotely accessible and allows the process of data’s through a database management system (DBMS). But this definition tells us nothing about the advantages that a well-managed database can offer you. So, what are they? The ultimate point of using a database is to make your business more productive. Through a well-structured DB, you will be able to manage things like specific time that your products or services perform better, personalize your products, improve your online communication strategy, manage Inventory, customers and human resources and many more exciting things! Here is what PJM Systems can accomplish for you. auf den lokal oder remote zugegriffen werden kann und der die Verarbeitung von Daten über ein Datenbankmanagementsystem (DBMS) ermöglicht.

In one way or another, databases have been used by companies since their inception. What began as a way of monitoring a business has become something much more important today. Databases are the core of every business. Regardless of whether it's a truck with employees, products or customers, every modern business needs a well-structured database. But what is actually a database? A database is a collection of information organized to be easily retrieved, managed and updated. Computer databases typically contain aggregations of records or files that contain information about sales transactions or interactions with specific customers. After evaluating your data, PJM Systems will provide you with a reliable database solution that will allow you to manipulate your data in any way you choose to optimize time and expense.
In a relational database, digital information about a particular customer is organized into rows, columns, and tables indexed to facilitate finding relevant information about SQL or NoSQL queries. In contrast, a graph database uses nodes and edges to define relationships between data entries and queries that require special semantic search syntax. At this time, SPARQL is the only semantic query language approved by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Typically, the database manager provides users with the ability to control read / write access, set reporting, and analyze usage. Some databases provide ACID compliance (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) to ensure that the data is consistent and the transactions are complete.
We offer you a tailor-made solution that is future-proof and can be adapted not only to your current needs, but also to every new challenge that your company will face in its growth. "Your Vision is Our Mission" implements individual databases for your company.

"Our (Human) responsibility is to create the Database" (Tela Menge)

Awesome Wireframing

We use wireframing to show customers the beginnings of our designs for feedback.

Hand Designed

We rely on our software knowledge to give a big boost to our handcrafted projects.

Team Development

From small to large projects, our team works together to develop different projects.

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