The administration/installation of IT systems is one of our core competences. From the construction of complex server landscapes to BaFin standard, via the networking of several locations to IP telephone systems. We offer your company a colorful bouquet of services in a perfect price-performance ratio.


The hottest topic in recent years must be the advance of cloud computing. But what is it really and how can we be secure while using it? Privacy, a secure way of saving our data, the ability to have 24/7 access should be top priorities when providing such a service but is often neglected in the hunt of maximizing profit. In PJM Systems we think differently and want to provide a solution only if we can absolutely feel confident to use it for ourselves. That is why our servers are certified under the highest standards available (DIN 27001 ISMS, DIN EN 50600 and BaFin) and are located in Germany. We can have an ease of mind that whatever happens, including scenarios like power-cuts for longer periods of time or technical problems of a particular provider, will not endanger your data. Here in PJM Systems, we do not do something unless it is absolutely secure and that is our first priority.
Here in PJM Systems we do not do something unless it is absolutely secure and that is our first priority.

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Welcome to PJM Systems business network solution that will help you accomplish much more than just having a secure connection between the computer of your business. But what can such a network do for your business?
1. Through the implementation of a good designed network that controls all the aspects of your business you will be able to integrate everything in a single solution, minimizing costs and avoiding incompatibilities.
2. You will be ready for the future as in PJM Systems we design Networks that are capable of beeing easily upgraded giving you an edge against your competitors.
3. You will be able to work from anywhere which is of outmost importance for a modern business. Whether you are at the office, on the road, in another land or at home you can always have access to your data through a secure network connection.
4. You will be able to communicate much easier because all your emails, telephones and data will be integrated in one system.

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How will we achieve that? How will we achieve that? The core of our philosophy is your vision! This is where everything starts and that is where we concentrate our efforts. We want to understand what your dreams and targets are and by having this knowledge design the infrastructure of your business in the most cost-effective way. Depending on individual needs, a modern business usually requires :
• Harware: PCs, Laptops, Servers, IP Telephones, Printers, Routers, Switches and other equipment
• Software: individual applications, Windows, Office, accounting Software etc.
• Network: Connection, Security, Administration etc.
Taking all of the above into account PJM Systems will design a proprietary integrated solution just for you. We will acompany you all the way from the design to the implementantion oft he projekt while giving you the best available solution to choose from.

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